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  1. hi, i left a message on your answer machine, but I’m just checking that the anonymity of the child is preserved at all times if they submit their entries for the logo competition? Just mentioning their first name and their school perhaps , (if anything.)
    We love the idea and are very excited to take part, but we just have to check .
    Maria G

    1. Hi Maria
      Re your query posted via our news page.

      Our Resource Centre Is only open 9.30 am to 2.30 pm Monday to Thursday.
      So, Kolla our Manager will pick up your voicemail tomorrow morning.
      But I can assure you that we will maintain the anonymity of any children submitting an entry in the competition.
      We would like to be permitted to show their first name and school name when we publish any of the submissions and/or winners on our website.
      We would of course do this in consultation with the school staff.

      Paul Cronin
      Trustee of Rainbows Bereavement Support GB

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