A huge thank you goes to Stephen Buckley, CEO of Dakota Biotech in the USA and brother-in-law to Phil Harrison, a Trustee of Rainbows.

During our recent Rainbows crowdfunding initiative Stephen said he would donate an incredibly generous £4000 and during a recent trip to the UK he did just that.

From L to R  Phil Harrison (Rainbows Trustee) with Stephen Buckley,
Brent Ballard and Vanessa Ballard of Dakota Biotech, USA

This money will do so much as it meets our ambitious target to offer free training and resources to 25 schools across Great Britain who have been affected by COVID and in areas of deprivation.

As well as the 12 schools currently being supported in the Northwest and Southwest we hope to extend our offer to an additional 5 schools so that in total, 30 schools across Great Britain will be provided with free training and support. Rainbows have extended the number to 30 to celebrate its 30th year anniversary of working in Great Britain. The current total raised now stands at £16,776.25

Thank you, Stephen, for helping to make this possible.

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