Rainbows Bereavement Support GB

Our programmes provide an emotionally safe environment for children and young people to guide them through grieving a significant and often devastating loss, resulting from the impact of a death, relationship breakdown or other serious change in their lives.

Rainbows Programmes provide a safe setting for children and young people to talk through their feelings with others who are experiencing similar situations. They are helped to articulate their feelings by a trained adult facilitator whom they know and trust. Confidentiality, which is at the heart of all Rainbows Programmes, is kept at all times unless a child or young person is at risk, in which case the school’s safeguarding procedures are followed.

Rainbows Programmes provide age relevant materials which form a structured 12 – 14 week programme to assist children and young people through their grief and loss. Rainbows supports self-esteem, trust, confidence and resilience, whilst promoting positive emotional/mental development and healthy relationships.

Parents and carers views:

“The Rainbows Programme made a huge difference to our family life. We found that our son was able to cope with his grief and loss.” (Parent)

“Going to Rainbows meant that they would realise there were other children in a similar situation, and they weren’t the only ones.” (Carer)

“I am grateful to the school and Rainbows programme for giving my child the opportunity to examine and grieve for her loss in a neutral and supportive environment.” (Parent)

“Rainbows has made my child grow in confidence, he has come out of his ‘shell’, rather than getting angry he now sits and talks his feelings through. The support he received was second to none. We could not have survived without Rainbows. Long may it continue.” (Parent)

(Research findings from ‘An evaluation of the direct impact of the Rainbows Programmes in supporting children and young people within South Yorkshire’ 2011)

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Our National Director will be happy to give you more information :

Sharon Melia-Craven


Phone: 07483445699