Thank you! You have taken the first step already!

A local Rainbows Trainer will contact you to provide further information and will visit you to discuss  your training needs in bereavement and loss. They will be delighted to support you in reviewing or developing your own bereavement policy and procedures and encouraging you in introducing the Rainbows programmes to grieving children and young people.

Following your discussion and based on your school’s needs, the local Rainbows Trainer will explain the Rainbows Programmes and the training process, present the Rainbows resources and answer any questions you may have.

Dates can be set for staff training and resources can be ordered.

Possible Funding support may be available from these organisations :

Pupil Premium (Link)

Sports Premium (Link)

Gov.UK Covid Support (Link)

Facilitator training, can be delivered in one day at your site or the equivalent hours in two or three sessions (morning, afternoon or evening), depending on your requirements.

Rainbows Co-ordinator/s will receive additional training to assist in implementing the programme.

The local Rainbows Trainer will be available to offer on-going support, advice and affirm staff with the implementation of the Rainbows Programme and issues related to bereavement and loss.

Below is a video interview with one of Rainbows Co-ordinators.


Rainbows Bereavement Support GB currently offers four programmes:

  • SunBeams:   Foundation Stages and lower Key Stage One
  • Rainbows:     Year 2 and Key Stage Two
  • Spectrum:     Key Stage Three, Four and Five
  • SunRise   :    For Children and Adults with additional learning needs


A dedicated RainbowsGB forum is available to all Coordinators at the following link.


See Below to download a copy of the SALES ORDER FORM.



Confidentiality will be kept at all times unless a child or young person is at risk. Rainbows groups strictly adhere to the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures.


Emotional Development

75% of young people agreed that the Rainbows programme helped them to feel calmer in themselves.

“Rainbows helped with my anger and not to bottle up things and that it is okay to talk about things.” (Charlotte, Year 9)


79% of young people agreed that they felt more confident and less worried about their problems.

“Rainbows helped me get my confidence back.” (Chelsea, Year 10)


71% of young people felt that they got on better with their family as a result of Rainbows.

“Rainbows helped me let out my feelings instead of bottling them up and taking it out on my mum.” (Josh, Year 6)

100% of young people agreed that they trust the adults who run the groups.

“It’s a time I can say everything to someone I trust.” (Mollie. Year 9)


95% of children agreed that the Rainbows group gave them a safe place to talk about their feelings.

“I had issues in and out of school. Knowing people were there within school helped me to deal with my problems properly in my head.” (Rachel, Year 11)

“I love being at Sunbeams.” (Alfie, Foundation 2)

77% of young people agreed that participation at Rainbows helped them to enjoy being at school.

“I have made friends now because of Rainbows.” (Shane, Year 6)

(Research findings from ‘An evaluation of the direct impact of the Rainbows Programmes in supporting children and young people within South Yorkshire’ 2011)

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