JustGiving Link to Aaron’s Fundraising page

Just click on the link above to visit Aarons fund raising page in aid of RainbowsGB.

The JustGiving Fund Raising and the “Parker Memorial Cup Event” have raised £2742.00 for RainbowsGB, including £500 matched funding from Capital One.


The game was held at the Carlton Le Willows Academy Football Ground on Sunday 30th July 2023.

In addition to the hard fought game there was a Raffle with lots of great prizes (all freely donated). There also were cakes, sweets etc. for sale and all the proceeds and donations were in support of RainbowsGB.

Ted keeping an Eye On the Cup and the Champagne.

Ted keeping an Eye On the Cup and the Champagne.

Aaron’s Family

Just a few of the many helpers at the event.

The Parker Legends ______________________________________________ The Willows Wanderers

A minutes silence in memory of Aaron was observed before the game.

After 90 minutes of play the game was : Parker Legends 4 Willows Wanderers 4

But after a penalty shootout Willows Wanderers took the First Annual Parker Memorial Cup.

Many thanks to all who took part and especially Liam Reed for organising the event and the JustGiving Fund raising.

Thankyou from Rainbows Bereavement Support GB.

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