Nuala Suleyman

Nuala Suleyman was a Registered Director with RainbowsGB for many years and contributed so much to the development of our work in the Liverpool area. She was also a member of our Management Committee and dedicated both time and energy to the work of this committee.

Nuala died earlier this year and we wanted to express our thanks publicly for her commitment to our work and for the amazing donation of £848.31 which we have received in her memory.

Nuala is remembered with much love and affection, and we would like to include this description of her written by her daughter Nilay.

“She was a beautiful person inside and out and we were lucky to have her in our lives. She will be sadly missed but her legacy will hopefully live on through her hard work and commitment to Rainbows.

Rainbows was very much part of her life and she would have been delighted to know about the money raised in her name for your organisation”


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