Thanks to the amazing support of 219 new and old Rainbow supporters we’re proud to announce that the final crowdfunding total as at 5th January 2022 is £12,776.25. This includes gift aid of £1505.25 and £2118 donated by Aviva employees.

This means the crowdfunding initiative is now closed but the work just begins! We can now definitely support 21 new schools across Great Britain, offering free training and resources to identified schools.

Regional Directors in the North West and Plymouth are currently identifying appropriate schools in their areas. We are starting in these two areas because the North West remains the region where most COVID deaths have sadly happened and Plymouth had to deal with COVID and a tragic shooting incident in 2021. We will keep you updated on the schools we offer the support to.

Although our crowdfunding initiative is closed we aim to keep working towards helping 25 schools in total and possibly up to 30 schools to celebrate 30 years of Rainbows in Great Britain this year. If you are interested in helping us please do get in touch or to make a donation go to our “Support Our Work” page. Click : HERE

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