Running Total £11,153.06 (22/02/21)

“Heads up for Kate – The Virtual Everest Challenge”.

Kate who was Headteacher at Christ the King Primary school in Wavertree Merseyside passed away after a short illness last year at the age of 40 .

Kate was a tremendous ambassador and champion of RainbowsGB.

In Kate’s memory, family, friends, colleagues, schoolchildren, and their parents raised donations of over £1500.00 for Rainbows Bereavement Support GB (RainbowsGB). Here is a link to the original Post:

LINK :  A Tribute to Kate Griffin. – Rainbows Bereavement Support GB (

To commemorate what would have been Kate’s 41 birthday a new fundraising “challenge” has been started by many of her Friends, Family and Colleagues.

It is called Heads up for Kate – The Virtual Everest Challenge”.

Donations can be made (or even join in the Challenge) here:

Link : Virgin Money Giving | For Kate Griffin

Running Total £11,153.06

(Including Gift Aid)

……and this is what they are doing:

Currently there are 18 Mountaineers (fundraisers) that have joined the Challenge:

And these intrepid “virtual mountaineers” raised over £2400.00 in donations in the first 24 Hours. (see above for current total)

Well done to all involved, your support will help RainbowsGB to continue in its vision which is quite simply “that every child and young person in every school in Great Britain, grieving a significant and often devastating loss in their lives, to be understood and supported appropriately.”

What a great legacy to Kate Griffin.

The Trustees of Rainbows Bereavement Support UK.


2 thoughts on “A NEW fundraising initiative in memory of Kate Griffin”

  1. Thank you so much for all your generosity.
    All of us volunteering with Rainbows are so grateful to you.
    Kate must have been a very special person.

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