Mike O’Neill doesn’t run Marathons, Swim long distances in the Ocean or perform any other “Daredevil feats” to raise funds for RainbowsGB.

What Mike does do is write books of “Poetry”, inspired by his family, friends and life in general. He distributes his “works” to those same people, for free, but suggests a donation to RainbowsGB would be very welcome if they enjoy his work.

Mikes latest collection, called “The Falling Leaf” is his twelfth and has generated over £900 in donations for Rainbows to date. (April 2021)

Mike’s links with RainbowsGB is through his wife Sheila who was one of the founding members of RainbowsGB back in the early 1990’s and served as a Registered Director for many years. Sheila has now retired from RainbowsGB.

Mike hard at Work.

The Trustees would like to thank Mike (and Sheila) and all those whose donate to our Charity, it really helps so many Children and Young People suffering loss in their lives.

If you would like a copy of Mike’s latest book of poems then just make a request in the Comments section below and Mike will get back to you.

If you would like to make a donation to Rainbows then please click on the DONATE button at the top of this page.

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