A Sibling Wish, The Harvey Hext Trust is a charity set up in memory of Sarah Hext’s son who died four years ago. The charity aims to provide children with a bespoke unique, individualised and personalised memory box to help preserve memories of a lost sibling.

When meeting Sarah, it was clear that she had the passion to help other children who have been affected by the death of a sibling, something that happened in her own family. Her own son Harvey died of cancer. He was a twin brother and brother to his older sister.

Sarah said that she found that when you lose a child there is very little support for the bereaved sibling. The boxes are a very simple, but effective way of helping a sibling remember their brother or sister and preserve their memory.

The charity has currently supplied over 300 memory boxes to families around the UK through bereavement services and charities. The memory boxes are displayed at many Children’s hospices throughout the UK and our local Children’s hospital’s bereavement team (Bristol Children’s Hospital), have a memory box to offer families at an appropriate time.

A Siblings Wish supply high quality, wooden, individual A4 personalised memory boxes to each bereaved sibling in the family. The memory boxes will hold the sibling’s treasured items that can stay with them forever and continue to keep the child’s memory alive for future generations. The memory boxes are designed by the sibling using photos, pictures or drawings that are special to them.

The boxes can be important part of therapy to encourage children to show emotions and to talk about their feelings, each box will also contain a RainbowsGB post card with our contact details.

Andrea Rodgers

Rainbows GB National Director (Southern Region)

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  1. The memory box can help challenge some of the feelings of loss and can be cherished for years to come. Sarah adds to the donation also a stuffed bear named Harvey which has a hidden pouch where the bereaved child can store the most precious memory of their sibling. Louis Tomlinson has continued to support the charity from behind the scenes including donating a brand new laptop in the early days of the charity.

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