Rachel Molyneux, RainbowsGB Registered Director for Wrexham Diocese in North Wales, and one of RainbowsGB Trustees has found an innovative way to raise much needed funds for our charity.

Due to Covid, many schools had not been trained and had not ordered resources so the funds for the charity had taken a major blow. Every Trustee meeting had to discuss the financial concerns and the fact that something had to be done to ensure that this valuable, life-enhancing charity could continue well into the future to support the thousands of children and young people who so desperately need to talk about their grief and begin to heal.

Rachel decided she would try to raise funds in a way that she could manage due to care commitments…she has been knitting furiously during this 30th anniversary year. She has knitted a range of items and has always given them as gifts to friends and family but decided to sell them and raise funds during this special anniversary year.

Rachel has knitted Rainbow Beanies which she sold to family, friends and Rainbows volunteers to promote the charity and all the good work that it does. She also decided to knit ‘Crème Egg Characters’ (Other chocolate eggs are available!!!!). She made literally hundreds of little chicks, hens and rabbits, (yes, she knows rabbits don’t lay eggs but they were very cute and are linked to Easter). She took orders from friends, local Rainbows schools that she had trained, Church friends and her Tai Chi group. She could have made hundreds more as lots of people were interested but she ran out of hours…so much so that she has made a start already and has almost 200 ready for next Easter!

She has also knitted ‘Baby Pram Hangings’ which are very cute and, again has orders already.

Rachel ensures that all money (Currently £1000.00) is for Rainbows and provides the materials herself. All contributions are given completely to the Charity as donations via the JustGiving link here:

Support our Work. – Rainbows Bereavement Support GB (rainbowsgb.org)

If you are reading this and can think of ways to raise much needed funds…every penny counts, please consider making or doing something. No amount is too small and if everyone could give something during this special anniversary year it would make a massive difference to this under-publicised but very valuable and much-needed charity.


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