Fund Raising Total = £710 (Target: £500) – 06/06/2022

A total of NINE triathlons over two days for Emily and James and £700.00 raised for RainbowsGB.

Well done to the Weekend Warriors and thanks to all those who made fantastic donations.

What Rainbows means to me by Emily Stather,

Rainbows Registered Director

I first discovered Rainbows when we were looking for a way to support the children in our school who had suffered a loss. 

The types of losses that the children were experiencing weren’t the same; bereavement, separation, moving schools and not settling in as they missed their old friends, so we were struggling to find something that encompassed all of these areas. 

Once I started looking into available programmes, I could see that Rainbows was very clearly ideal as it had been specifically written to help children facing these challenges.  The small group approach helps them to feel cared for and listened to and gives them the opportunity to support the other children in their weekly meetings. 

The facilitators in our school say that it is like helping each and every member create a personal toolbox to help them understand and cope with the range of their emotions. 

When we first introduced Rainbows, I wasn’t in an emotionally stable position to run the groups as I had just suffered a huge loss, but I was determined to introduce Rainbows for the children so I became the co-ordinator and organised all of the groups and resources within the school. 

We have used Rainbows for 8 years now and it has become such an important part of our pastoral care.  I was so pleased when the opportunity came up for me to extend my own personal Rainbows journey and train to become a Registered Director.  Rainbows is such a huge part of my life and I love doing as much as I can for such a worthwhile charity.



On Saturday 28th May and Sunday 29th May, my husband James and I will be participating in our biggest endurance challenge to date!  The Weekend Warrior, based at the beautiful Blenheim Palace, it is where we will try to do as many sprint triathlons as we can across the 2 days!  We have been training hard for it and aim to complete more than a half Ironman distance…but slightly less than a full one and raise funds for Rainbows GB.

Day 1 and First 3 triathlons in the Bag and target is two more on Sunday.

Ready to Go.
That is THREE done.

If you can help support Rainbows and contribute to our fundraising challenge please click on the link below.//


Rainbows is a very important charity to me. I have worked closely with Rainbows over the last 8 years. It is an amazing support programme that helps children and young people when they need it the most. This is why we have decided to raise funds for this worthwhile charity.  The money raised will be used to help children across the country.

Thank you in advance for your support of a cause which means so much to me.


          “Check back regularly for progress updates”

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