We have added a new page to the Website which explains what support RainbowsGB is providing during the current Coronavirus crisis.

Click the link to visit our dedicated Coronavirus HELP page : LINK

2 thoughts on “New page added covering RainbowsGB Support during the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

  1. Hi I’m looking for some information for my granddaughters who are 6 and 8 they lost their dad yesterday .
    He didn’t live with them and they hadn’t seen him since last July as he wasn’t able to have access without supervision. I know it’s really going to hit them hard and I just wanted to try and find some information that might help a little ❤️

    1. So sorry to hear your sad news.
      Please have a look at our Coronavirus Page and scroll down to the section “When Somebody Dies”
      Or contact our National Director Sharon on the contact us page.

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