Below are some examples of how young pupils from Shakespeare Primary School in Fleetwood, who have attended one of the Rainbows Programmes, display their important Memories. These are Christmas displays from recent years.

Over the years the displays have titles such as:

‘Our Memory Tree’

‘No matter the season – I think of You’

2018 Stars – ‘Every night I look up to the brightest star & think of you’

Each child writes their memory on a shape they choose (leaf, snowflake, blossom, apple, bauble, heart, star etc) and then they put in on the display.

The planned theme for this year’s display is “under the sea”.

Clare Wilson

Family Learning Mentor

4 thoughts on “Rainbows in Action at Shakespeare Primary School”

  1. Well Done Shakespeare Primary School. Your support for pupils who have suffered a loss in your school is exemplary as is your creativity in “celebrating” your work.

    1. Great ideas from Fleetwood! Well done and thank you for such enriching ideas. Sounds like Shakespeare school offers real, true education!

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