TARGET : £15,000 RUNNING TOTAL : £8498.75

Including Gift Aid of £917.75 & £800.00 from Aviva


10 days left.

At Rainbows Bereavement Support GB (RainbowsGB) we offer help to children and young people dealing with bereavement and loss and are hoping to provide our support packages to dozens of new schools for free after securing a slot on a crowdfunding network operated by the FTSE 100 insurer Aviva.

We already operate in 1,400 schools nationwide and are trying to raise £15,000 on the crowdfunding website, which is open for pledges from both Aviva’s staff and the general public.

If successful with our fundraising effort, RainbowsGB will be able to extend its support to a further 25 schools free of charge. We will target our efforts at the most deprived areas to offer much-needed help to children contending with every form of loss who need it the most.

We have been operating throughout England, Scotland and Wales since 1992 and are based in Liverpool. Our staff and volunteers, many from educational professions, provide help and support to children who are having to cope with all types of bereavement and loss, which could include the loss of a close family member or relative, but might also involve divorce, separation or other types of life-changing loss.

We work by offering training to staff at schools, who can then provide support directly to children that they know and understand.

As well as providing a ‘Rainbows Box’ that contains games, toys and journals, among other aids, the charity also provides follow-up support to teachers and other staff throughout the process. It typically costs £600 per school to provide the programme.

The programmes are organised on a “Peer Support” basis and are not a counselling service.

As part of its charitable activities, Aviva has set up a crowdfunding platform that hosts fundraisings by a variety of organisations. The insurer has shared £250,000 among its UK staff, who can make donations to whichever fundraisings project they choose. The wider public can also get involved.

Sharon Melia-Craven, our national co-director said: “We’re really excited to be able to join the Aviva crowdfunding site. A successful fundraising for us would mean we could get dozens more schools confident and ready to help and support their children. This is something that is needed even more after COVID as all types of loss, financial as well as emotional are impacting on families and their children.”

This RainbowsGB fundraising initiative comes as the global Covid pandemic underscores the pressing need to offer support to children, young people and adults – particularly the most vulnerable – as they contend with shock bereavements and unexpected loss.

The pandemic has also exacerbated financial strains on communities that are often the least well-equipped to deal with the circumstances and impact of grief when they occur.

The project goes live from the 26th October 2021 click on the link below to view the Project Website and maybe make a donation :