Following the re-opening of schools after the “Covid Lockdowns” there are many more children needing help and support. Not all schools have the funds to purchase the RainbowsGB training and materials, the project below if successful will go some way to helping children in those schools.

As part of its charitable activities, the FTSE 100 insurer Aviva has set up a crowdfunding platform that is hosting fundraisings projects by a variety of organisations. The insurer has shared £250,000 among its UK staff, who can make donations to whichever Crowdfunding project they choose.

Our bid to seek £15,000 via a RainbowsGB crowdfunding page has been accepted and goes LIVE today..

If we are successful in raising £15,000, we can offer 25 schools across Great Britain free Rainbows training and materials. This will be offered nationally and inclusively to schools, particularly in areas of deprivation.

Please click on this link to visit our Crowdfunding Project Page LINK

Check out the progress of the Project and more details via our new page on this website, LINK


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