Our Resource Centre staff Kolla & Caroline were recently invited to apply for a grant from Barratt Legacy by the Barratt Homes press office.

The purpose of the Barratt Homes Legacy Scheme is to find opportunities where the developer can leave a lasting legacy in the areas in which it builds. The homebuilder donates £1,000 to a local charity or organisation each month to support and create a great community.

Following Kolla and Caroline’s successful submission, RainbowsGB are delighted to receive a donation of £1000 from the Barratt Homes Legacy Scheme.

This donation will help RainbowsGB to continue providing support to many children and young people who are suffering bereavement and loss in their lives.

Well done Kolla & Caroline and many thanks to the Barratt Homes Legacy Scheme.

The Trustees o Rainbows Support GB.

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